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Funny Stuff - Some NSFW
Boing Boing/
Stile Project
Foundry Music- Home to Opie and Anthony, mostly outdated crap, but occasionally some kewl stuff
Let Them Sing it For you - Send an interesting message to someone using pop music lyrical mashups
PlxThx - funny vids and stuff
Games, vids, pics, etc - good stuff
With a name like Mucho Sucko - you know it's good
Time Killer - more fun
Odd Stuff and movies too @ Sevenohfive
Strange and odd ranting found at Something awful and they update weekly I think
the decking crew
Timpac is the man, or at least one day I think he will be, for now - he's just a very strange boy with few friends and alof of spare time. Fortunately, he has access to a camcorder. Behold the TIMPACALYPSE IS AT HAND!
Have you been Compfused yet?
abum - another site of movies and crap
Are you morbidly curious? Do you wanna see all those wonderful beheading vids and other disgusting distasteful crap that will make you want to tear your eyes out..Ogrish is the site for you then... sicko!
Want free porn? This site has been around forever. They have alot of odd stuff - and way too many advertisementsSublime Directory
Every weekend, I check this site for some funny stuff and 3 new jokes. Ebaums World is one of the better funny sites I've found.
Kontraband dot com - yay
Manuh Manuh at

Stuff to order or just check out Fantasy Midi's and Portishead RealAudio files. It's some guys site.
Go Karts, Scooters, ATV's, R/C stuff - pretty cheap
Fat Wallet - get good deals on stuff
Movie Reviews at Rotten Tomatoes
Slashdot - news for nerds - stuff that matters
Engadget - be sure to check out the partner sites like joystiq

Local NJ people - check out Fukitt good people, good times.

You scrolled all the way down here just to find a link to the Extinct Attractions Club. They have all sorts of information on Disney Theme Parks and what the changes have been over the years.